Every person knows something I don’t know. Every grower has observed or experienced something I would like to learn. The ability to exchange ideas and information is very important in agriculture. We need to share our knowledge with others online as well as in person. You would think in 2020 this would be easy, but it seems to have gotten more difficult.

Mainstream social media platforms are noisy. They are often an echo chamber that does not provide thoughtful answers. They are designed to be addictive and keep us hooked, because our attention is the product they are selling. The exchange has degraded to the point where it can’t be called a conversation anymore.

There is widespread discontent from folks who are tired of censorship and the invasion of our privacy for the purpose of feeding us ads.

We need better. So we are building it.

KindHarvest is the agriculture social network. Our intent is to bring together like-minded people and provide a space for networking, thoughtful conversations, and exchange of ideas.

You can find valuable answers and connect with colleagues from around the world better than you have been able to on other platforms.

On KindHarvest we bring together the best features you are familiar with. You can exchange instant messages with a circle of friends. You can tag people in posts and updates. You can contribute to discussion forums. You can create and join groups. You can find others with shared interests and connect. You can participate in and create in-depth courses. You can write in-depth articles that everyone can see. You can create an archive of documents and files you want to share and reference.

We respect your privacy. On KindHarvest you are the customer, not the product. Our terms of engagement are easy: Be Kind.

Click here to join in, share your insights, ask questions, and invite your friends that you would like to see here as well. Thanks for showing up, and making a positive difference in the world!

Welcome to KindHarvest!