Great news! I am excited to announce the release of my first book. Quality Agriculture, conversations about regenerative agronomy with innovative scientists and growers is available on Amazon in time for Father’s Day.

Have you ever wished to download the knowledge and experience of the leaders in the regenerative agriculture space? This book will give you many insights you won’t hear about in other places.

My intention for the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast was to bring together the wisdom and knowledge of growers and scientists who had developed deep insights into how agriculture ecosystems function when at their optimum. The wisdom that emerged from these discussions is valuable, useful, and can be applied right away. Many times I wished to write down and remember all the great information my guests have shared. So we did exactly that, and this book came to be.

You may have already been reading bits and pieces of these interviews in some of the blog posts that I have been sharing. There is so much in these interviews, the brief excerpts can’t begin to do them justice. Imagine an entire book packed with this level of experience, knowledge and experience.

You can read all the details about the book, its table of contents, index, some of the memorable quotes, and the excerpts we have posted, as well as links where you can buy the book internationally.

Several friends have been kind enough to share their impressions of the book. Here is what they had to say:

No matter what form of production agriculture you are involved with, Quality Agriculture is a must read. John uses his expertise to delve deep into ago-ecology with many of the industry’s pioneers. — Gabe Brown

Agriculture is at a crossroads, and we are beginning to realize that the current system is not providing the stability in our production system needed to overcome the variations due to soil degradation and weather during the growing season. This book offers valuable insight into a path forward to enhance our soils for generations to come and to provide the quantity and quality of food we need for food security. This book will require you to think about changes needed in our agricultural systems. — Jerry Hatfield

The human mind is a world to itself. This book is a collage of splendid agriculture minds with a common theme: embrace and emulate the power of life. The collective wisdom of this book will help you glean the kernels of truth in a research world built on a wrong premiseasking the wrong questions. If you garden, farm, or just enjoy the ecological world, build the correct foundation in your mind by reading this book. — Ray Archuleta

John Kempf, who has one of the most fertile minds in agriculture today, has done us a huge favor with this book by multiplying his knowledge with like-minded experts he’s interviewed recently. Collectively, this disruptive innovation of how we grow food will be the foundation of how we farm in the future! — Steve Groff

Inspiring and insightful interviews with true leaders in regenerative agriculture — David R. Montgomery

John Kempf’s book on regenerative agriculture is a great collection of the wisdom and experience of twelve different agricultural pioneers from around the country. John directs the discussion, unlocking one door after another on fascinating insights each of these experts have discovered in their work. I have met several of the participants over the years but learned much more from these interviews than from my casual visiting with them and hearing them speak. In every case, what the reader finds is the destructive nature of modern, industrialized agriculture that is focused on artificial inputs and unsustainable outputs. Each interviewee directs our attention back to the complex interrelationships found in the soils, plants, and microbiology of nature. This is a must read for everyone who farms and everyone who eats. — Robert Quinn

If you’re like me, you like to connect with folks that make you think. This book does that. I’ve listened to most of the podcasts, and I enjoy John’s innate ability to connect folks from many different facets of research, bringing them to a combined platform. This book allows you to go deeper, with the resources and data in the background as supporting evidence. I’ve read it from start to finish, and I’m looking forward to future volumes to expand my personal knowledge base. — Loran Steinlage

Knowledge about regenerative farming systems comes in many forms from many farmers, researchers, ag educators, and consultants. The challenge is sorting through all the information, learning what is possible, and putting together a working system for the land that matters. These interviews certainly expand and clarify the knowledge base of professionals who have spent their careers studying regenerative agriculture. A great read―you won’t be disappointed — Gary F Zimmer

You can buy the book on Amazon.  Please leave a review, and share the book with others. 

Thank You!