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Manganese hidden hunger symptoms

Many agricultural soils contain abundant levels of manganese locked up in soil reserves. Yet, for the reasons of selective suppression of biology, oxidation and immobilization discussed in […]

Facilitating a different agricultural future

The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor. ~ Bill O’Brien

Most growers in developed countries only have experience with contemporary farming systems, which relies on […]

Foliar Spray Solution EC

When crops are foliar sprayed regularly through the growing season, managing spray solution electrical conductivity (EC) becomes very important.

If crops are only sprayed two […]

Herbicide residues affecting plant hormone balance

All plants respond dramatically to changes in phytohormone levels.

The use of plant hormone products usually corresponds to a crops value. High value crop growers quickly recognize they cannot afford to […]

The Rhizosphere Microbiome and Plant Health

Many times growers observe field outcomes we don’t have an immediate explanation for.

Why did that one section of the field with that early root disease not have any insect pressure […]

Vanished yield potential

How much yield is lost every year because we don’t apply the knowledge from the past?

Huber, McNeil, Zimmer, and others have reported regularly achieving 400+ bu per acre corn yields […]

Propagating Velvetleaf

Velvetleaf thrives in soil where unhealthy anaerobic fermentation produces ethane and methane.

Or, stated in a different way, soils where unhealthy decay/fermentation products have been […]


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