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Water and nutrition supply are biologically driven

As we rediscover the contributions of soil biology to plant nutrition and soil health, the phrase “biology supersedes chemistry” seems ever more appropriate.

Jon Stika succinctly describes biology as the driver […]

Nutrition management for disease control

We have known how to prevent and reverse plant diseases with nutrition management for a long time. The information is not new, it has just been ignored or forgotten.

Fertilizers and […]

Interplanting sweet allysum for aphid control

We might ask the question, “What is the root cause that allows aphids to feed on this plant?”

When we pursue the wormhole of information needed to answer this question, we […]

Environment determines genetic expression

Prior to the human genome project, the popular expectation was that understanding the structure of DNA, and being able to edit or manipulate it’s structure would enable us remove the […]

How to reduce herbicide application rates

The soil health challenges of glyphosate use are becoming well known. Don Huber has reported that even a single application of ten ounces per acre is enough to alter the […]

Replacing expensive inputs with free inputs

Farming is about taking three free things – sunshine, water, carbon dioxide, running them through a catalyst called soil, and producing things to sell. ~ Ben Taylor-Davies

The magic of photosynthesis […]

Frost resistant seedlings

We have consistently observed that plants are able to tolerate freezing temperatures without damage when they are supported with balanced nutrition. It is particularly important that they not have excessive […]

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