Fungal mycelium and shutting down phytophthora in peppers

A bell pepper field had phytophthora problems severe enough to cost the entire crop.

Ridomil Gold treatments were known to be completely ineffective.

Instead of anti-biotics, we applied pro-biotics, microbial inoculants of mycorrhizal fungi, a range of bacterial species, and biostimulants through the drip irrigation system.

Within weeks the soil is filled with these thick strands of mycelium/plant roots and the crop recovered completely.

The phytophthora symptoms disappeared.

What have you seen something similar to this in the soil? What do you think this might be?

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Wood chips converted to worm castings in six weeks

A layer of wood chips several inches deep was applied in an orchard underneath the tree row, followed with a large application of SeaShield and Rejuvenate.

The top two photos were taken a few days after application, where the residue was completely covered with fungal mycelium.

The bottom two photos were taken six weeks after the application. All the smaller wood chips have been completely consumed, only larger chunks remain, and the chip layer has been replaced with a layer of earthworm castings about an inch deep.

Can you imagine the root health and nutrient absorption from this soil?

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