Soil quality for seed production

There is a story of a personal visit between Carey Reams and William Albrecht, both pioneers in soil mineral balancing and the human health implications. Carey Reams was in private consulting, based in Florida, while Albrecht was focused on Missouri and the Midwest.

Albrecht asked Reams, “What is the soil like in Florida?”

Reams responded, “Well, it would be a good place for some.”

The soil in this seed onion field reminded me of this story.

It is probably true that this location is an optimal environment for onion seed production from a climate perspective. It is also likely that onion seed production is a very profitable crop for the grower. It seems worth asking the question, is this use the highest good for the landscape?

Luther Burbank said, “Heredity is nothing more than stored environment.”

Would you prefer to buy seed grown in soil of this quality?

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