Podcast Interviews

It has been a joy to describe our vision of what is possible and to share our teams amazing work in the interviews I have been asked to participate in.

Inside Startup Investing – Sustainable Regenerative Farming (2023)

Future of Agriculture – Challenging Assumptions About Regenerative Agriculture (2023)

Regenerative Skills – The trends and future of regenerative agriculture (2023)

Sustainable Dish Trends in Regenerative Agriculture (2023)

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture #2  – How would I invest a billion dollars in regenerative ag? (2022)

Growing the Future -Yields can’t help but go up (2022)

Farm Green with Kris Nichols (2022)

Farm Green (2022)

Sustainable Dish (2022)

Rooted In Organic (2021)

Farm Weird (2021)

Sustainable Dish – The Future of Food with John Kempf (2021)

Base Ireland BioFarm Conference (2020)

Plant A Seed (2020)

The Modern Acre – Understanding Regenerative Agriculture (2020)

Biological Farming Roundtable (2020)

EcoIQ – The Transformative Mind (2020)

Kiss the Ground – We can do this (2020)

Regenerative Skills – Can we make ecological agriculture mainstream by 2040? (2020)

Thriving Farmer Podcast – Advanced Biological Farming (2020)

A Regenerative Future – Soil Redox, Energy, & Nutrient Availability (2020)

Soulsoil Podcast – The Regenerative Agriculture Revolution (2020)

The Permaculture Podcast – Improving Broadscale Agriculture (2020)

The No-Till Market Garden Podcast with John Kempf (2019)

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture – Forget about soil, Focus on plant health instead (2019)

Working Cows Podcast – Regenerative Agriculture Podcast (2018)

Tractor Time (2017)

Food Integrity Now – Changing the Way we Grow Food (2014)

Ecology and Permaculture Podcast – Grow Healthier Plants & Soil with Ecological Agriculture (2014)

Back to the Roots Podcast