Understanding Rhizophagy with James White, a new online course on the academy

Rhizophagy or root feeding is the science describing plant absorption of living microbial cells directly from the soil, particularly bacterial endophytes. These absorbed microbial cells provide nutrients to the plant cells directly, they change root system development, they trigger the formation of root hairs, and they remain free living within the plant.

I first introduced James White’s research in this post. Our podcast interview is among the most popular of all our episodes, which is the best evidence of how valuable growers and agronomists are finding his information.

As with so many of these exciting agronomic topics, there is much more information that there is time to describe it all during an interview. James is teaching all of the details in a new online course that is available on the Regen.Ag Academy today for the first time.

You don’t want to miss it.