Perspective on glyphosate challenges

In a recent podcast interview with John Fagan we discussed the exciting possibilities of non-targeted lab analysis, which is relatively new development, permitting a wide scan to find what compounds might be present, without know exactly what we are looking for in advance.

At the conclusion of our discussion, I asked for John’s perspective on the oft-reported challenges of glyphosate, as he was a leader in developing the more recent assays which have greatly reduced the detection limits. In our discussion, I asked for some of the citations he was referring to. You can read John’s comments and descriptions in the first two documents listed below.

I do not consider it useful to constantly focus on possible negatives like glyphosate. I much prefer to focus on solutions and developing better outcomes. On the other hand, we do need to understand some of the limitations we might be imposing on ourselves, which is why we are posting this.

There are a number of people working on alternate technologies to replace the need for herbicides in general and glyphosate in particular. I wrote a post about the use of boric acid, and several growers have reported very good success.

Description of Papers on Glyphosate

Glyphosate Safety Thresholds Table & Narrative

Paper #1-Organic diet intervention significantly reduces ur

Paper #2-Glyp Body Burden Increasing with Ag Use

Paper #3-Impact of Glyphosate on Development & Reproduction

Paper #4-Glyphosate impacts the microbiome

Paper #5-Glyphosate & GMO Corn Carcinogenicity

Paper #6-Glyphosate Causal Factor in NAFLD