The best Regenerative Agriculture YouTube channels for professional growers

In the last few years, YouTube has become a wealth of knowledge and information sharing for the regenerative agriculture community. So much, that it is easy to miss some of the great stuff.

I personally prefer to read rather than listen, since I can absorb information faster, so I asked you to recommend the channels you enjoy most, and added some additional. The emphasis of this list is that the information is focused on commercial growers who derive their income from farming. There are lots of great channels for homesteaders and gardeners, but that is not who this list is for.

If there is a channel you believe belongs on the list, please let me know!

These are in no particular order, and all worth scanning to see if they are of personal interest to you.

Menoken Farms
Jason Mauck
Loran Steinlage
Mike Omeg
Living Web Farm</a
Greg Judy
Ernst Götsch (Portuguese)
Bionutrient Food Association
NoTill on the Plains
Organic Grain Resources
National Organic Training
Sustainable Food Trust
Landcare Australia
Savory Institute
Grassfed Exchange
Green Cover Seed
Quivira Coalition
The Wallace Center
Ranching for Profit
SARE Outreach
Cover Crop Kings
Regeneration Canada
Groundswell Agriculture
Richard Perkins
NeverSink Farm
No-Till Growers (vegetables)
Diego Footer (permaculture)
No Till Farmer
Geoff Lawton (permaculture)
Not on Youtube, but worth looking at
CSU Chico

And of course, our channel at Advancing Eco Agriculture, where we post both the webinars and the podcast interviews.

Enjoy, and let me know who should be added to the list!